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Greg posted a very useful list of resources; One of the challenges in the world of HTML/JavaScript/CSS app development is cobbling together your kitchen sink of frameworks, tools and other technologies. When you start looking around, it feels like there is an endless list of options, which is good and bad!  Recently, I’ve been gathering a list of what’s popular these days and thought it might be useful for others to share. If you see anything obvious missing, please let me know.  Thanks to the following for helping me put together this list: Ray Camden, Andy Trice, Philip Wilson, Christophe Coenraets, Piotr Walczyszyn, and James Brown.

In no particular order:

via Gregs Ramblings.

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  1. Thanks for the list. You are absolutely right it could be endless. However, we are speaking about the best and most popular options, so I would also suggest that you have a look and consider AnyChart – interactive JavaScript/HTML5 charts (including common charts such as bar, pie, line, area, as well as scatter, sparkline, treemap, heatmap, gauge, and lots of others), maps, stock (date/time) graphs, and Gantt charts. There are specific JS libraries for each kind of data visualization I mentioned, and anything can be combined to make great dashboards. More info and free download:

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