Zend_Image_Deepzoom by Nicolas Fabre

Nicolas Fabre asks for help in reviewing his new component proposal:

Deep Zoom is an implementation of the Seadragon technology for use in Microsoft Silverlight or Seadragon viewing library. It allows users to pan around and zoom in a large, high resolution image or a large collection of images. It reduces the time required for initial load by downloading only the region being viewed and/or only at the resolution it is displayed at. Subsequent regions are downloaded as the user pans to (or zooms into them); animations are used to hide any jerkiness in the transition.

read more Zend_Image_Deepzoom – Nicolas Fabre – Zend Framework Wiki.

Proposal for Zend_Db_NestedSet – Hierarchical data as a nested set

Graham Anderson writes a very interesting proposal; If you are interested in an implementation of storing and retrieving hierarchical data as a nested set, please take a few minutes to review my new proposal[1].

I dusted off some old code and poked and prodded a little until it behaved somewhat as expected, there’s a functioning prototype on GitHub[2] with some basic instructions in the README.

As you probably guessed the algorithm is modified pre-order traversal, and the current working functionality is as follows

  • Store single trees or multiple trees in same table
  • Add, move & delete individual tree nodes or tree branches
  • operate on result set nodes(getPath(),getSiblings(),getDescendants(), etc )
  • Result-set as multi-dimensional associative array (Zend_Navigation)
  • Result-set as recursive iterator

Cheers the noo,

  1. http://framework.zend.com/wiki/display/ZFPROP/Zend_Db_NestedSet+-+Graham+Anderson
  2. http://github.com/gnanderson/ZF_NestedSet