Zend Studio code formatter for Zend Framework

Updated: 2013-12-13 – Fixed links!

This is an excellent addition to you tools arsenal if you use Zend Studio and Zend Framework. Kudos to Ivo Jansh for publishing this!

Zend Studio is a great IDE and we use it a lot at Inviqa (in addition to NetBeans, PDT and Vim). One of the nice features is the code formatter that helps develop code according to agreed standards, which is useful to keep projects consistent.

One problem we have with the current versions of Zend Studio is that its default Zend Framework formatter is not consistent with the official Zend Framework coding standard. Luckily, that can be easily fixed. Sandy Pleyte, one of our developers, created a formatting file for Zend Studio that does adhere to the formal standard. There might be a few issues here and there but we’ve found it to work much better than the default one in Zend Studio. Because it might be helpful to others, we’re sharing the formatter file with anyone that’s interested. Download the file and read on for instructions.



Download the above file to your desktop. Open the Zend Studio formatter preferences, which will give you the following screen:

Click the ‘import’ button and import the file that you’ve downloaded. Voila, your formatter now uses the Zend Framework official coding standards. If you find any issues with this formatter, please let us know in the comments below.

ATK formatter

If you use the ATK business framework, you might also be interested in the following formatter, which is similar to the ZF formatter but adds support for some of ATK’s coding conventions:

Have fun!

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