Ext JS + jQTouch + Raphaël = Sencha

Abraham Elias writes;

Ext JS is now Sencha. Exciting things are happening! Today, we’re combining forces with the jQTouch and Raphaël projects, changing our company name to Sencha, and moving our web address from www.extjs.com to www.sencha.com.

jQTouch and Raphaël are the leading open source projects in their areas, and we’re incredibly excited to have their creators, David Kaneda and Dmitry Baranovskiy, joining with the Ext JS team to form Sencha. We believe these collaborations will lead to some spectacular new things in the weeks and months ahead. Stay tuned for this. You won’t have to wait too long, I promise!

We believe that rich graphics and touch support will become essential Ajax framework components over the next few years. If you’ve been following our recent blog posts on HTML5, you’ll know that not only do HTML5 and CSS3 bring significant capabilities to rich internet applications, but that this is already arriving on mobile devices (in fact, it’s already here).

Sencha is the new name of our company, as well as a variety of Japanese green tea.

Why Sencha?

We’re choosing Sencha as our name because it evokes next-generation software development and it’s easy to remember, spell and pronounce. Sencha — the name of a popular Japanese green tea — is in the tradition of Java, and represents a new level of development. It feels memorable to us. We hope you like it too.

The roadmaps for Ext JS, Ext GWT, Designer, Direct etc. don’t change as a result of this. We’re very excited about the new things in Ext JS 4.0 and the rest of the product line. Some of the individual product names might evolve in the future (for example, we’re thinking of renaming Ext Designer to Sencha Designer), but don’t expect any major or immediate changes here.

via  Sencha Blog — JavaScript Framework and RIA Platform.