Create daemons in PHP


Kevin van Zonneveld wrote a life saving article that saved me quite a bit of time; Everyone knows PHP can be used to create websites. But it can also be used to create desktop applications and commandline tools. And now with a class called System_Daemon, you can even create daemons using nothing but PHP. And did I mention it was easy?

What is a Daemon?

A daemon is a Linux program that run in the background, just like a ‘Service‘ on Windows. It can perform all sorts of tasks that do not require direct user input. Apache is a daemon, so is MySQL. All you ever hear from them is found in somewhere in /var/log, yet they silently power over 40% of the Internet.

You reading this page, would not have been possible without them. So clearly: a daemon is a powerful thing, and can be bend to do a lot of different tasks.

Why PHP?

Most daemons are written in C. It’s fast & robust. But if you are in a LAMP oriented company like me, and you need to create a lot of software in PHP anyway, it makes sense:

  • Reuse & connect existing code Think of database connections, classes that create customers from your CRM, etc.
  • Deliver new applications very fast PHP has a lot of build in functions that speed up development greatly.
  • Everyone knows PHP (right?) If you work in a small company: chances are there are more PHP programmers than there are C programmers. What if your C guy abandons ship? Admittedly it’s a very pragmatic reason, but it’s the same reason why Facebook is building HipHop.

Read the full article here >>Create daemons in PHP.