Updated Zend_Dojo_View_Helper_Dialog

Charles Kyle Spraggs writes; I’ve been tinkering around with view helpers quite a bit now and I realized that a lot of what I did in the Dialog could be done much easier by extending the DijitContainer view helper. So, I rewrote the dialog view helper to extend DijitContainer and moved Zend_Dojo_View_Helper_Dijit_Extended to Zend_Dojo_View_Helper_Dojo_Extended because the methods are meant to be used statically similar to Zend_Dojo_View_Helper::setUseDeclarative(). For those of you that have no idea what I’m talking about you should read Zend_Dojo_View_Helper_Dialog first.

New code!


This little puppy exists for the sole purpose of adding stylesheets based on the set dojo path (local/CDN) and version (if CDN).


// Code from Zend_Dojo_View_Helper_Dialog which adds the stylesheet for enhanced dialogs

more at SpiffyJr’s Blogaroo.