Keeping your HTML valid with Zend Framework, Tidy and Firebug

Ryan Mauger wrote a good article on tidying things behind the scenes, during development, definitely worth a look;

With Zend Framework there is an easy way to ensure that you always create valid HTML in your applications. This involves the use of a simple Front Controller Plugin, and the php Tidy component.

Valid HTML is important for a great many reasons, the most important of which is ensuring consistency across all of your visitors browsers. The first step to making sure that your site appears correctly on all the browsers is to ensure that your HTML is valid. Even if the goons at Microsoft continue to ignore the standards and do their own thing, if you at least ensure your html passes validation, then fixing things for Internet Explo(r|it)er of all its versions is a far easier task, and usually possible with a few simple extra styling rules in your CSS.

via Ryan’s Blog.

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