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I’ve got a whole lot of questions about what tools other than poedit that exists especially for teams, so I’ll start going through and try to review tools available and add them to the new Translation Tools article series.

I hope you’ll find this useful.

The Translate project provides tools to make it easier for you to localize. Tools that work with standards based file formats like PO and XLIFF because you deserve the best. Our goal is to make your life as a localizer easier, help you work faster and keep your work at a high quality.

Virtaal – Standalone CAT Tool

Demonstration of new features in the latest Virtaal release. Virtaal is an open source computer aided translation and localisation tool. You can read more about it at Virtaal. Virtaal aims to be simple to use for first time localisers yet powerful for experienced localisers. Features include translation memory from many sources, sophisticated searching, a simple and powerful navigation interface and more. The developers are aiming to include terminology support in the next release and make it easier to configure the translation memory and terminology plugins.

Pootle web-based translation tool

If you require team based the Pootle web-based translation tool and translation management solution might be what you want.

Check out:  Translate Toolkit & Pootle website.

2 Replies to “Translate Toolkit & Pootle”

  1. Hi.

    Very nice, but I already knew that 🙂

    I use factory methods to create form elements:

    ‘label’ => ‘Username:’

    Is there a way to specify regex to match ‘label’ => ‘?’ in poedit or sth like that? Do you have any suggestions how to translate therse?

    1. Hi,
      Since Zend_Form is Zend_Translate aware via setDefaultTranslator method you can simply wrapp the ‘Username’ part in _(‘Username’) and it will be picked up by poedit and Zend_Form will go Aha!, tests it out, I think you will be happy 🙂

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