Zend_Form Decorators Explained

Jon Lebensold posts another great screen cast about one of the most confusing parts of Zend Framework ever created 🙂 ;

One of the pain points for folks who are starting to work with the Zend Framework is the Decorating functionality found in the depths of Zend_Form. I’ve witnessed countless instances when a developer becomes excited by Zend_Form’s easy-to-implement form validation and creation, only to become frustrated by countless hours of fighting with Zend_Form_Decorators. This video is a humble attempt on my part to walk through how Zend_Form Decorators work and how you can reason your way through a desire result. I couldn’t have gotten my own head around this implementation of the decorator pattern without Matthew Weier O’Phinney’s excellent posts and his original devzone article.

UPDATE: check out this blog post / tutorial for ZF 1.10.0: http://framework.zend.com/manual/en/learning.form.decorators.html

I’ll show you a bit about how Zend_Form_Decorators are constructed and how to take the default zend_form layout and transform it into a table.

Grab a copy of the project or browse the repository.

via Zendcasts.

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