Zend_Translate & TMX adapter – Source language strings as id

Thomas Weidner describes some additional functionality only available from Zend Framework 1.10.2+ and forward, for those of us that do *not* wish to use a separate message id/key but rather the source language string in the source code.

Set the “useId” option to false.
In this case the source language is used as message key and the source must be set as first translation.

Nachricht 1
message 1

Note the ‘useId’ => false below;

$translate = new Zend_Translate('tmx', $file, $locale, array('useId' => false));

Then “Nachricht 1” will be used as message key instead of “0001”.
Note that this works only as with 1.10.2 (or trunk as of today).

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