Doctrine – Doctrine 2: Give me my constructor back

John Wage writes; At ConFoo 2010 during my presentation, someone asked about the constructor of entities in Doctrine 2 and whether or not it could be used. I think this is something worth writing about since in Doctrine 1 this was not possible. The constructor was hi-jacked from you and used internally by Doctrine.

In Doctrine 2 it is possible to define the constructor in your entity classes and is not required to be a zero argument constructor! That's right, Doctrine 2 never instantiates the constructor of your entities so you have complete control!

This is possible due to a small trick which is used by two other projects, php-object-freezer and Flow3. The gist of it is we store a prototype class instance that is unserialized from a hand crafted serialized string where the class name is concatenated into the string. The result when we unserialize the string is an instance of the class which is stored as a prototype and cloned everytime we need a new instance during hydration.

Have a look at the method responsible for this:

Read the full article at; Doctrine – Doctrine 2: Give me my constructor back.

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