Zend Framework MVC Request Lifecycle

Kevin Schroeder writes an excellent article about the MVC lifecycle thats a must read for anyone even thinking about writing ZF plugins; Matthew wrote up an article on modules in Zend_Application and that got me thinking a little bit. When I have done training for Zend Framework, one of the things that mystifies students to some extent is the whole plugin architecture and where things can go. There has been several articles written about it, but they tend to use code to describe it. I was only able to find a small handfull of articles that used some kind of chart to describe what goes on. Not that that’s a problem, but I had found that when I drew out the request lifecycle that it helped the students understand it better.

The chart on the right is a color-coded chart that shows when something is executed and where it is executed from. This chart is intentionally missing a whole bunch of things for the purpose of simplicity. If you want a more full explanation of the request lifecycle…

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