Integrating Zend_Tool Into Your Application

Jon Lebensold shows you how to use the Zend Tool in useful ways; This screencast should help you setup Zend_Tool in your Zend Framework application. Zend_Tool is a command line entry point into your application. Currently, Zend_Tool is used to scaffold (build generic files) the Zend Framework project structure, modules, controllers, database table classes and other tedious processes. The goal of this video is to start looking at how we can generate our own Manifest and Provider classes so that custom command line tools can be integrated into the Zend Framework application.

The advantage of such integration is far reaching: deployable web applications using the Zend Framework can have “installers” and other frameworks, like Doctrine, can easily become first class citizens within the Zend Framework eco-system.

Grab a copy of the project or browse the repository.

via Zendcasts.

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