Reporting with Zend_Tool and Zend_

Jon Lebensold posts a continuation to his screencast on Zend_tool; Reporting with Zend_Tool and Zend_Log

This video uses a collection of powerful PHP libraries in order to illustrate how easy it really is to build a command-line tool for reporting against XML files. We start off by logging visitor statistics in the controller into a log file with Zend_Log. Once data has been collected, we’re then able to utilize SimpleXML, Zend_Date and the Zend_Tool component to build out a very simple reporting tool. This is of course just an example of what’s possible. What comes to mind for me is building a cron job for generating reports based on the executable, or even just doing backups at the command-line with the help of a fully integrated Zend Framework installation.

I’ve noticed that configuration information isn’t properly loaded into Zend_Tool and am still trying to figure out the design decisions there. You’ll notice that I was having some timezone issues with regards to Zend_Date and it seems that specifying a timezone in my application.ini file didn’t resolve the issue.

Grab a copy of the project or browse the repository.

via Zendcasts.

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