OxyBase v1.0.0 – it is an active project!

In one of Zend Framework mailing lists, people were wondering if this project is live, so answer is yes – we are live and this is active project. Actually we are preparing v1.0.0 which will have the same features set OxyBase has now, but in addition to that we are adding something that in PHP world is not used widely but I think it will be. I was implementing those technologies in my current project at work with my team and I wanted to test it first before creating and publishing anything. Because then it would be only theory-based-components that would fail in real world.

What I am talking here about is CQRS architecture, DDD approach, Event Sourcing. These are pretty new things and specially in PHP world, and I think we are those – maybe first ones who does it in PHP.

In new release OxyBase will have components that will help you to use those technologies, to speed up development and generally to create better quality software. Exact new features:

  • Framework for the CQRS architecture’s read side
  • Framework for the CQRS architecture’s write side
  • DDD, domain models base classes that will provide functionality for Event Sourcing
  • Bounded Context infrastructure components code generator, you will focus ONLY on the domain model, all the rest will be generated by OxyBase
  • Improved domains logic (from v1.0.0 domains are called bounded contexts aka sub-systems)
  • We will integrate external tools that will be used to handle database changes
  • We will include so called build scripts that are used for application deployment and you will be able easily customize those for your own needs

And much more, like documentation, samples etc.

Now one thing that I want to say is that with this release we are focusing on big projects with complex business logic. If you are looking for framework to build simple websites, this is not what you are looking for.

Release date is not set, but we plan to have it at the end of this summer.

I really hope you will enjoy using it as much as I enjoy it now in my daily work.

via OxyBase.

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