Using Different Databases with Zend Framework 1.10.4+

Jeroen Keppens wrote a very good article about using multiple databases that I defenitely found very useful;

A while ago I wrote about a custom application resource for loading multiple DBs. I received a lot of questions and decided it was time for a follow-up on how to use multiple DBs in ZF.

One of the first experiments I did with Application Resources was writing a application resource for loading multiple databases. We generally connect to multiple databases in reporting applications or in scripts where we want to aggregate data from the main database to an offsite database. Since that post I received a lot of questions on how to integrate this in the models and how to join different databases in queries using zend framework. In this post I’ll explore how to do both. Since in the meantime someone has used the idea and added a multiple db resource to the Zend Framework, I will use the “official” application resource loader instead of my own.

This tutorial was made with Zend Framework 1.10.4.

via Jeroen Keppens

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