ClamAV as a Validation Filter in Zend Framework

Matthew Setter writes a very interesting article; Ok, so you’re pretty comfortable with using the Zend Framework, specifically the use of Forms. Along with that, you have a good working knowledge of how to combine a host of standard validators such as CreditCardEmailAddressDb_RecordExists, and Hex, and standard filterssuch as Compress/DecompressBaseNameEncrypt, and RealPath. But what do you do when a situation arises that’s outside the scope of the pre-packaged validators and filters?

Let’s say you want to guard against users uploading files that contain viruses, for example. You would have to write a custom validator that checks the uploads aren’t infected. Today I’ll show you how to do just that – how to write a new file validation filter for Zend Framework that uses ClamAVto ensure uploaded files are virus-free.

Adding ClamAV Support to PHP

First you’ll need to install ClamAV support. I’m basing this installation procedure around Linux, specifically Ubuntu. If you’re using another distribution, you may need to adjust the commands accordingly. Unfortunately, if you’re using Windows however, you’ll need to use a Linux-based Virtual Appliance or setup a virtual machine running Linux to follow along since the php-clamav extension doesn’t support Windows as yet.

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