Zend_Form Decorators Explained

Jon Lebensold posts another great screen cast about one of the most confusing parts of Zend Framework ever created 🙂 ;

One of the pain points for folks who are starting to work with the Zend Framework is the Decorating functionality found in the depths of Zend_Form. I’ve witnessed countless instances when a developer becomes excited by Zend_Form’s easy-to-implement form validation and creation, only to become frustrated by countless hours of fighting with Zend_Form_Decorators. This video is a humble attempt on my part to walk through how Zend_Form Decorators work and how you can reason your way through a desire result. I couldn’t have gotten my own head around this implementation of the decorator pattern without Matthew Weier O’Phinney’s excellent posts and his original devzone article.

UPDATE: check out this blog post / tutorial for ZF 1.10.0: http://framework.zend.com/manual/en/learning.form.decorators.html

I’ll show you a bit about how Zend_Form_Decorators are constructed and how to take the default zend_form layout and transform it into a table.

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Introduction to Zend_Mail

A big thank you to Ryan Horn for putting together this great screencast about Zend_Mail. Ryan took the time to talk about how to setup a dev environment that uses a gmail account. This is perfect for folks like myself who work in a development environment that’s behind an annoying ISP firewall on SMTP (port 25). Ryan Horn is a web developer based out of Buffalo, feel free to reach him by email.

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Logging in Users using Doctrine and Zend_Auth

Jon Lebensold publishes the second part of his series on using Doctrine in combination with Zend_Auth & Zend_Auth_Adaptor; Here’s the second part of my Doctrine / Zend_Auth example. In 15 minutes, we create a logout, login and protected area that’s reliant on the ZC_Auth_Adapter adapter we created in last week’s video. Notice how there’s no code in the IndexController exposing the authentication implementation,

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Check it out here; Zendcasts.

Writing a Zend_Auth_Adapter with Doctrine

Jon Lebensold publishes another installment of his popular screen cast series, he writes; I’ve been using Doctrine a lot in my own work, and recently found myself itching to have tighter integration between Zend and Doctrine when it comes to user logins. Luckily, Zend provides a very simple interface with regards to Zend_Auth. This way, it’s easy to decouple your persistence layer (in my case Doctrine) from the authentication layer. I’ve borrowed from Palo Verede’s wonderful article on Doctrine and Zend_Auth and I invite you to check his blog out.

Grab a copy of the project or browse the repository.

Look at the video and comment here;  Zendcasts.

PHP6 (PHP5.30+) Advanced Concepts Tutorial

John Lebensold has recorded a VERY nice 7 part video run through that shows how you can use some of the new functionality in PHP 5.30+ that I highly recommend everyone doing any kind of PHP development to watch especially if you are working with any type of objects, relations, models or always wanted to learn howto!


If after watching the videos (should play in one go above) you dont see how life will be made a lot simpler, please comment!