Module specific layouts in ZF2

Rob Allen writes; If you need different layout scripts to be rendered for different modules in Zend Framework 2, then Evan Coury has made this extremely easy. His new module EdpModuleLayouts is just the ticket!

Once installed, you simply have to add a new array to a config file in the config/autoload folder with the following in it:

'module_layouts' => array(
'Application' => 'layout/application',
'ZfcUser' => 'layout/user',

i.e. you provide a list of the module name against the layout script to use.

What could be easier?

via Rob Allen’s DevNotes.

Zend Framework: Module Specific Layout Plugin

Graham Anderson posted an useful workaround for the module specific layout problem;
The default layout plugin will accept a stack of paths in LIFO order.
This allows a very simple hack to always ensure that any module can have it’s own default layout which will automatically override the default module layout.

class App_Controller_Plugin_Layout extends Zend_Controller_Plugin_Layout {

public function __construct ($layout = null)
parent::__construct ($layout);

public function preDispatch(Zend_Controller_Request_Abstract $request)
// Insert current module layout dir to to overide any default layouts
if ( $request->getModuleName() != 'default' ) {

$layoutPath = APPLICATION_PATH . '/modules/' .
$request->getModuleName() . '/views/layouts';

$paths = array();
$paths[] = $this->getLayout()->getViewScriptPath();
$paths[] = $layoutPath;


Asssuming you set the following application config value:

resources.layout.layout = "default"

Now any module with a default.phtml layout will override the default module layout.

e.g APPLICATION_PATH/modules/foobar/views/layouts/default.phtml

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