Zend Framework: Module Specific Layout Plugin

Graham Anderson posted an useful workaround for the module specific layout problem;
The default layout plugin will accept a stack of paths in LIFO order.
This allows a very simple hack to always ensure that any module can have it’s own default layout which will automatically override the default module layout.

class App_Controller_Plugin_Layout extends Zend_Controller_Plugin_Layout {

public function __construct ($layout = null)
parent::__construct ($layout);

public function preDispatch(Zend_Controller_Request_Abstract $request)
// Insert current module layout dir to to overide any default layouts
if ( $request->getModuleName() != 'default' ) {

$layoutPath = APPLICATION_PATH . '/modules/' .
$request->getModuleName() . '/views/layouts';

$paths = array();
$paths[] = $this->getLayout()->getViewScriptPath();
$paths[] = $layoutPath;


Asssuming you set the following application config value:

resources.layout.layout = "default"

Now any module with a default.phtml layout will override the default module layout.

e.g APPLICATION_PATH/modules/foobar/views/layouts/default.phtml

Cheers the noo,

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