You want to do WHAT with PHP? Chapter 10

With the book out and released I now reach the final chapter excerpt that I will have. As I said in one of my previous chapter excerpts, I did not write this book to cover a wide range of topics. I wrote it to cover a narrow range of topics, more fully. But the topics I chose were based off of my experiences as a Zend Consultant for several years. If you are someone with 2-5 years of experience (the typical requirement for a PHP job) you need this book. This book was born out of my experience dealing with code written by people with 2-5 years of experience, sometimes more.

This chapter is called “Preparing for success, preparing for failure”. It contains a few pseudo-rules that can go a long way to helping you manage unexpected popularity of your website. In other words, to help you in minimizing the effects of 2-5 years of programming experience. 🙂 Those rules are not complete and there are plenty of exceptions, but knowing these things will help you be more prepared for handling things like load and failure.

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