You want to do WHAT with PHP? Chapter 9

e_schrade writes; There is a bunch I could say to introduce this chapter.  However, I think that by reading the first few paragraphs you will know what I’m talking about.  For those who are experienced developers some of these items might seem a little basic, but there are reams and reams of PHP developers who do not follow several of these rules.

In other news, “You want to do WHAT with PHP?” is now available for purchase in the Amazon store.

Chapter 1: Networking and Sockets
Chapter 2: Binary Protocols
Chapter 3: Character Encoding
Chapter 4: Streams
Chapter 5: SPL
Chapter 6: Asynchronous Operations with Some Encryption Thrown In
Chapter 7: Structured File Access
Chapter 8: Daemons
Chapter 9: Debugging, Profiling, and Good Development
Chapter 10: Preparing for Success

via Read part of chapter 9.

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