ExtJs, ExtDesigner and Zend Framework

Nils-Fredrik G. Kaland writes; Let’s say you are working on the user interface in Ext Designer / Sencha Ext Js, and after a while you find out you have ended up with a great amount of data stores. You also need to handle lots of Ajax requests and all the server side coding this invokes. But, why not think two steps forward already when working with the interface in Ext Designer? Of course, you are an experienced developer – so you have your database model ready. More on that later. Let’s start with the user interface in Ext Designer.

via ExtJs, ExtDesigner and Zend Framework

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    1. Yes I did, it’s quite a convenient tool. Would be nice if you extended your class to support full CRUD behavior, plus limiting secondary grid onload so it wont show all data as well as showing how folks converts it to EditGrid. Maybe a 3rd article is in order 🙂
      Looking forward to it Nils.

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