Zend Studio & Eclipse Code Templates and Snippets for PHP

Saša Stamenković writes; I know many of us have struggled with coding PHP using various text editors and IDE-s. Sooner or later, we pick our favourite weapon of choice and use it for every day development. My weapon of choice is Eclipse PDT (Helios) and today I will talk about code templates.

Just to make it clear, the main reason I started to write this article is to have one place where I have my code templates stored and to prevent myself repeating this story again and again to young developers. So, don’t expect miracles. But, if you know how to work with code templates, my templates can be useful as a good starting point. When I decided to make my code templates and stick to them during the development, I first tried to google out if there is already some templates repo or good example. Unfortunately, I have found nothing.

Read full article at Umpirsky Software Development Blog.

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